I brought my elderly mom to Advanced Ear Care in Laguna Hills as she needed to adjust her current Starkey hearing aids. My mom ended up buying a new pair of hearing aids and it was such a great deal where my mom even got a credit for donating her old hearing aids. Sadly my mom passed away shortly after the 45 day trial period of the hearing aids. Advanced Ear Care was so kind to let me return the hearing aids and they gave us a full credit. We worked with Brandon. Susan at the front office is extremely nice too. If you are looking for EXCELLENT customer service with your hearing aid needs or know anyone in need of ear care please visit Advanced Ear Care in Laguna Hills. They are the very BEST! Thank you.
Linda Terjesen, on Google
This feels weird- I don't usually write reviews for businesses because most would be so negative. But there's no way I'd fail to comment on the great experience I had at Advanced Ear Care. I was referred to them specifically by my hearing aid manufacturer's customer service dept as the best firm in So Cal. to service and reprogram my aids. It meant driving 58 miles each way from Los Angeles, but the recommendation was absolutely spot-on. Brandon and Bill were actually fun to hang out with and they took care of everything I needed that same day. I'll gladly make the drive in the future for such first class treatment. (Could this be the way people treated each other in the 50's? Pretty impressive!)
Scott, on Google
I have been associated with Stuart at Advanced Ear Care for slightly less than 5 years now. I am now wearing Audibel Via AI 2400s and to say that they have been life-changing is an understatement!! I really appreciate the technology that allows Stuart to fine-tune their speech response in real-time. Also, with my wife sitting by my side, Stuart fine-tuned them for her speech pattern - pretty darn amazing!! A good friend recommended Stuart five years ago, and I've been extremely pleased with everything associated with Advanced Ear Care ever since!! Great job!!!
Dave Ishmael, on Google
About a year ago I visited Sarah Rhee, who prescribed a new type of hearing aid for me. It was and is wonderful. I have been able to go back to the work I loved, counseling psychotherapy! I had been forced to retire due to my hearing loss several years ago. I had given up hope of being able to even socialize with anyone, as my hearing was so bad. I was isolated and down hearted. Then I found Sarah and my life has completely changed. I highly recommend her professional care!
Margaret Robinson, on Google
I recently got new hearing aids and they have made such a great difference in my life. I can now hear phone calls as my hearing aids are connected directly to my cell phone. I talk to my daughters on the phone which is so much more personal than email .... bringing us closer together. I also do not need help with calling for doctor appointments or other phone calls. Nice to be much more able to manage my life. Thank you Advanced Ear Care.
Libby Meyer, on Google

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