I LOVE! my new hearing aids from Advanced Ear Care! What technology they have evolved into! No batteries, just put in charger overnight! Several settings for the environment you might change to - such as RESTAURANT or STADIUM. Also several levels of "decibels." I found the Audiologist and others to be very friendly and observing of social rules for this pandemic in which the country finds itself. I highly recommend this office.
K. Anne Larkin, on Google
Long time customer, although my drive is somewhat long, it is well worth my time to use Advanced Ear Care for prompt, reliable and excellent service. The personnel makes my visit most enjoyable. Robert Weikart
Patsy W, on Google
The best experience I have had shopping for weeks! Great office and staff! Stuart was the best at helping me in what I needed in order to hear better. I left happy , and could hear birds chirping again! Really great!
James Lowes, on Google
I had an outstanding experience when I visited Advanced Ear Care. The receptionist was extremely polite and friendly. The technician was very knowledgeable and put me at ease because I had a piece of my older hearing aid break off and lodge in my ear canal. He was gentle and removed the rubber tip. I was so glad I went to this establishment to take care of my issue. I would recommend them for all your hearing needs.
Bob Montour, on Google
My mother purchased hearing aids from here after numerous failures purchasing elsewhere. I went with her for her last 2 follow up appointments and I am so impressed. First of all, she can finally hear in the one ear that others said could not be helped. Second of all, I am so impressed with the software that will notify me if she falls! It also reports her steps taken and all kinds of other features. Finally I must note how amazing everyone is who works here. They are kind, extremely knowledgeable and even clean the wax out of her ears when she comes for her appointments. I highly recommend Advanced Ear Care!
Beth Coombs, on Google

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