I highly recommend Stuart Spencer at Advanced Ear Care! I had been experiencing difficulty with my Audible hearing aids connecting to my phone and in the Thrive app. Stuart was very knowledgeable and was able to solve the problem and showed me what I need to do should it occur again. He also adjusted my hearing aids so that now I can hear better than ever! The waiting area is very nice and the receptionist is great also. She was able to give me an appointment for the same day I called. Great service!!!
Elaine Randall, on Google
I couldn't be happier with this group, and especially the Owner Stuart who was present during the whole process. He had been highly recommended by a friend, and he lived up to that and much more. He has been doing this a long time, and it showed. He clearly explained the process, then got down to business when I agreed to proceed. The fitting took about five minutes and when I got the hearing aids they were perfect. I had resisted getting them for a long time, but after dealing with Advanced and Stuart, I wish I had done it a long time can't even see them! It was a big investment but a worthwhile one. And Stuart is a real "gem of a guy." He truly wants great results for his customers, and offers a money back guarantee, no questions asked, if you are not happy. If you want a reputable and knowledgeable hearing aid dealer, you've found it here!
Jim Stewart, on Google
THE VERY BEST in customer service, availibilty and concern. I've been to other Audiologists and this one is the best BY FAR. Would nit go anywhere else.
Art Koustik, on Google
I dropped in yesterday to see if they could fix the “whooshing” sound emanating from my hearing aids. I had accidentally put them through the washer and dryer after leaving them in a pants pocket. The staff who assisted me were very kind. My hearing aids were taken immediately to what I think was a dehumidifier and in 5 minutes the problem was solved. They even put in new batteries and would accept no payment from me. I am definitely going there when it’s time for my next hearing test. The staff is efficient and friendly and their clinic is spotless.
Keitheley Wilkinson, on Google
First let me say this is one first class outfit. And all the staff are fantastic! Sarah has been my go to hearing pro for quite a few years now. I’ve even traveled from AZ to see her. Mike is amazing and super helpful when Sarah is not in that day. My recent event involves all on phone help!!! I had a slip and fall on a boat. Long story short; my hearing aids went over and to the bottom of the bay. 12’+ at high tide. They were down there in the mud. My diver was able to come and look after 24 hours. He was not able to find my glasses but found both hearing aids. I followed instructions for a hopefully good outcome. Well; 24 hours later with Sarah and the staff helping I had two working hearing aids! Like new! Now, I do not recommend this process for cleaning your hearing aides on any way. I’m just very impressed with the product. Over 4 years old now and like new. Thank you all!
Ken Dodds, on Google

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